It was a beautiful night in Fort Worth, TX tonight! Thanks @matkearney for having us along ❤️

It was a beautiful night in Fort Worth, TX tonight! Thanks @matkearney for having a along ❤️

We took a Polaroid on the shoot with us yesterday and captured some beautiful moments—can’t wait to share all the pictures ❤️

Photoshoot day in Austin.
Album shots coming to you soon by @mrgiessen @giessen @makeupbyjlin ❤️

It was amazing being back in ATL tonight! A huge thanks to an amazing crowd—you guys completely made my night ❤️

Well folks, I never thought I’d be able to say this: An author who’s books have actually changed my life wants to use one of my songs. (I’m freaking out a little)
It’s so crazy to picture Donald Miller (author of Blue Like Jazz and many other phenomenal books) sifting through songs to include on the playlist for his new book, Scary Close, and to choose mine. 
Before I continue, please buy and read Blue Like Jazz. It helped me put a finger on so much of what I feel about religion. I needed to come to terms with the difference between a perfect God and imperfect people trying their best to be like Him. We can’t write off God just because we encountered some weirdo who had it all wrong. All the Christians you meet certainly think that they are doing their very best to imitate Jesus, but inevitably we all fall short. And that very thing is what causes so many people to be hurt and confused by religion, and in turn get a skewed perspective on God. I think that Donald Miller does such a fantastic job of addressing that brokenness, and using his personal experience to shine some light on a difficult, but immensely important subject. 
At a crucial time in my life, he helped me have some clarity.
The crazy thing is, in a round about way, he now has been moved by my art as well. So strange how something like that can come around, even when you would never expect it to. Donald Miller has written a NEW book about his journey through relationships (something I’ve also written a lot of songs about). It’s called Scary Close, and it’s available for pre-order now (do it, I’ve already done it!). He has compiled a playlist of songs that he feels will walk the reader (and listener) through the emotions of what this book is all about. My song, Found A Heart is featured on this playlist! So if you go now and pre-order the book on, you’ll receive a free playlist, including my humble little song about falling in love and getting married.
I can’t begin to say how honored I am to have been chosen by Don, and also to have one of my songs sit alongside some of my favorite artists. I hope you’ll check it out.
Have a great weekend, friends!

Turns out that despite my Dad’s best efforts, I’m still the girl that misses the milk jug with the BB gun.

Late night crafts with Nana ❤️

💦 River day 💦

DC, we love you! Thank you to The Hamilton and Jackopierce for having us tonight ❤️🇺🇸

The happiest package arrived today! Can’t wait to explore San Fran for our 2 year anniversary 👏 I have such a thoughtful hubby

Subway selfie y’all ✌️🚇🗽
Hello from NYC

Are you going on the Cayamo cruise this year?? I’d love (& really need) your vote! The link is in my profile 😘